Kirk & Sweeney Reserva Rum 70cl

Dominican Rum • 70cl • 40%
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Kirk & Sweeney Reserva
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Country Dominican Rum
Distillery/Brand Kirk & Sweeney
Style Dark Rum

Kirk & Sweeney Reserva

Named after a schooner (as Kevin Smith taught us in the '90s, a schooner is a sailboat) which smuggled Caribbean rum during Prohibition, Kirk & Sweeney Reserve is a marvellous rum distilled in the Dominican Republic. This Reserva expression packs lots of flavour within the snazzy round bottle, with notes of vanilla and dried fruits aplenty.

Tasting Note by The Chaps at Master of Malt

Honeycomb, sultanas, milk chocolate, quince, homemade sugar syrup, five spice.

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This product does not contain any notifiable allergens
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Reviews for Kirk & Sweeney Reserva
Smooth, clean but underwhelming
A smooth and clean rum, but lacking in depth of flavour. You get some tastes of vanilla and molasses but I would expect more from this rum. Would make a good mixer but not a great one on its own I'm afraid.
Ross , United Kingdom
8 months ago
Decent mid range rum
Beautiful bottle. Decent rum. Hits very sweet at the beginning and tapers off from there. Leaves a very slight aftertaste of banana that's not disagreeable. Look for it while it's on offer and it's well worth a try.
Master of Malt Customer
8 months ago
Very nice
How strange some of the reviews here are.......I was given a bottle of this rum for my birthday and what a wonderful surprise. I've been drinking rum for over 40 years and find this to be one of the better sipping rums, smooth flavoursome and without the devastation of throat burn that the rougher end of the bunch induce, it is after all meant to be a pleasure and not an endurance. Along with this I also received a 25 year MG and this rum knocked spots off it easily! Certainly in one of my top 10 if not top 5 rums ......very nice!
Ian P , United Kingdom
8 months ago
Very disappointing, there is no depth to it.
Gary , United Kingdom
10 months ago
Great Rum for a Cuba Libre!
Its a good all round rum, its an acceptable sipping rum and is versatile enough to use in several cocktails but its wow factor is when made in a Cuba Libre.
Tom F , United Kingdom
one year ago
Would buy again
Deliciously smooth in a beautiful bottle
Master of Malt Customer
one year ago
Not great
The only positive factor about this rum is that it produces no burn when sipping. However, this does not redeem the fact that this rum has no developed taste. This could have been pulled straight from the top layer of heads and poured straight into the bottle as far as I'm aware. It smells like the sweetness could wisp you away to the Caribbean, only to be shot down at the port of flavour.
Dissapointed is an understatement
Harry Weston , United Kingdom
one year ago
Terrible! Not A Patch on The Original K&S 12 YRO!
Oh how I DO NOT like this rum! Neat it’s bland, grim from the alcohol burn and has a very weird woody like taste in the finish. Then, to make matters even worse, it doesn’t really improve that much when mixed with Coca-Cola! Nine times out of ten, Coca-Cola will improve any dreadful rum, but I’m sorry to say that this Kirk & Sweeney Reserva is the exception to that rule. Small consolation, but I’ll take it, all is not lost, because at least I can use this as a base rum when I make rum cocktails. Well it’s that, or pour it down the drain.
anello g , United Kingdom
2 years ago
Good for sipping...better in cocktails
Very good RUM, delicious as part of any rum based cocktail...get some and see for yourself!
Darren T , United Kingdom
2 years ago