Jaffa Cake Rum 70cl

Dominican Rum • 70cl • 42%
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Jaffa Cake Rum
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Country Dominican Rum
Distillery/Brand Jaffa Cake Spirits
Style Flavoured Rum

Jaffa Cake Rum

The folks behind the excellent Jaffa Cake Gin have gone ahead and found a new partner for the classic orangey, chocolatey treat - rum! Akin to its gin-based sibling, Jaffa Cake Rum is made with actual, no-foolin' Jaffa cakes, alongside oranges, fresh orange peel and cocoa powder, but this time it's been blended with Caribbean rum! As it turns out, this is also an ideal combination - which shouldn't be too surprising, considering that chocolate plus rum and orange plus rum are both fab flavour combos already. However, when they all come together in Jaffa Cake Rum, it is spectacular! Not only does it do very well in a Daiquiri, it also makes a mean Rum Old Fashioned with only a splash of vermouth needed.

Tasting Note by The Chaps at Master of Malt

Nose Rich hot chocolate wafts arrive first, followed by zesty orange bolstered by the fruit-forward rum notes developing. Subtle ginger heat and vanilla pod earthiness in the background.

Palate Juicy orange jumps to the fore, though vanilla-rich, subtly grassy rum elements remain prevalent. Cakey sweetness balances dark chocolate, with a tangy hint of tropical fruit giving it some pep.

Finish Almost buttery, with orange oil and mocha hints lasting long on the finish.

Overall The flavours that rum and Jaffa cakes share are accentuated incredibly well in Jaffa Cake Rum, and they blend brilliantly together, making for an approachable yet supremely satisfying delight.

Allergy information

Eggs Yes
Milk Yes
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Reviews for Jaffa Cake Rum
This is ok. But Two Lasses Chocolate & Orange Rum is a better choice.
On the nose Jaffa Cake Rum predominantly smells of orange with just a hint of chocolate. Drank neat the orange continues to be the more dominant, because what you experience on the palate, but not so much in the after taste, is an orange tasting rum that is sweet but thankfully not overly zingy. All well and good, but for me this rum comes alive when mixed with Coca-Cola. The coke brings out the chocolate flavour, making Jaffa Cake Rum much more enjoyable. And not only that, the fizzy dark stuff also makes this rum smell more like chocolate as well. So the way I see it, you have two simple choices. If you would prefer this rum zesty with a very slight spicy kick, then drink it neat. However, if like me you have a sweet tooth, then adding Coca-Cola is an absolute must, because then you will experience a whole new side to this rum. A sweeter, calmer and much more chocolatey side.
Anello G , United Kingdom
one year ago
great mixer
makes a mean daiquiri and an even better Mai Tai
good value
Master of Malt Customer
one year ago
Not as Orangey as expected.
Personally I felt it tasted more like a Christmas cake rather than Jaffa cake.
It was nice, but I think that if the rum was lighter (like captain Webbs, or Old J), it would let the orange flavour come through more.
N De Ste Croix , United Kingdom
one year ago
Great but better with a mixer!
Bought this as I had it in a pub in London first so I knew what I was getting. It's fine on its own but the sweetness soon dissipates leaving a slight alcohol after note. But, add cola to it and this is perfectly balanced. Super tasty and highly recommend.
Simon P , United Kingdom
one year ago
Lovely drop
Lovely tasty drop……I like mine neat with no nice and it hits the spot without being harsh.
Myles c , United Kingdom
one year ago
Fantastic love love love, just get it and buy the jaffa cake vodka while your at it! Such a great kick of taste
Master of Malt Customer
2 years ago
Makes a nice change
As a primarily whisky drinker, I enjoy an occasional glass of this, and also enjoy getting friends to try it blind. when i ask them 'what does this taste of' they always get it right. Sure it's on the sweet side, and bordering on a liquer, but i like it for a change and drink it neat. I bought a bottle of Jaffa cake gin for the wife last year which is also good, and as long as you dont take either too seriously they are nice drinks to have in the cabinet.
Bob N , United Kingdom
2 years ago
Very good - works even better than the gin
The Jaffa Cake flavour isn't as prominent as it is with the gin, but I think it actually goes better with Rum than with Gin anyway. Very enjoyable.
Master of Malt Customer
2 years ago
Tastes nothing like Jaffa cakes…
Tastes absolutely nothing like Jaffa Cakes whatsoever, barely tastes of orange. Just tastes like a strong rum. Why try to lure in sweet toothed people with a quirky distinct flavour and then not deliver on it, would not recommend
Master of Malt Customer
2 years ago
Save your money
Absolutely abysmal. Probably the worst rum I have ever tasted
Master of Malt Customer
2 years ago