Country Jamaican Rum
Distillery/Brand Hampden
Style Dark Rum

Hampden Estate HLCF

An intense and characterful rum from Jamaica's Hampden Estate, made solely from the HLCF (Hampden Light Continental Flavoured) mark and matured for four years in the tropical Jamaican climate. This is a prime example of the robust, funky expressions to be produced at the legendary distillery. Weighing in at a generous 60% ABV, the bold, powerful rum retains plenty of tropical character, with layers of rich oak char, exotic fruit, and woody spice.

Tasting Note by The Chaps at Master of Malt

Rich oak, banana bread, almost smoky at points, salted butter, BBQ pineapple and enjoyably bitter Alpine herbs.

Allergy information

This product does not contain any notifiable allergens
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Reviews for Hampden Estate HLCF Classic Overproof Rum
Gun powder
I had a sample of this from a friend and I always referred to it as the gun powder Rum.
This Rum will kick you in the face and literally knock your teeth out!
Its definitely not a session Rum. You drink this over time, neat.
Will buy it again
Craig P , United Kingdom
one year ago
Challenging rum, rather young, but complex and always interesting
Assuming MoM doesn't have a stockpile of Batch 1, as described above, this will now be Batch 2, as has been distributed by Hampden for a while now.
The bottle looks the same except now it's titled HCLF Classic, and as such, rather than a blend of Hampden's lower ester marques, this is pure HCLF (the same marque as Rum Fire) and 4 years old rather 7.
All that makes this a very different beast. This has the profile and complexity of an unaged Overproof, but with a bit of softening from the barrel.
Smell has that burnt car tyre mix of volatiles from the Rum Fire this started out as. The banana only really comes in with the taste along with the typical Hampden flavours hiding under the most pronounced burn, the burnt tyres, and an oily-ness, all moving into a long finish.
This is very hot, even for an cask strength rum, meaning I take tiny sips, and pour small measures. Definitely interesting, but also a very different dram from the 8YO or any other aged Hampden.
Hugh S , United Kingdom
one year ago
Funky Stuff
Great as a go-between my other rums
david h , United Kingdom
one year ago
Even better than a good malt
Without question the finest Rum I have ever tasted, with a heavenly blend of sweetness and fruit, its just a perfect drink
Master of Malt Customer
2 years ago
Too funky for my taste
Well made, and tastes very good, with very strong aroma. But it's been fermented for a longer time (as it says on the label), so the esters are quite noticeable, too much for my taste. If you are a fan of strong Jamaican rums then this is very good indeed.
Master of Malt Customer
3 years ago
Absolutely incredible stuff. Real funky, so so good
Avi K , United Kingdom
4 years ago