Diplomático Planas Rum 70cl

Venezuelan Rum • 70cl • 47%
Product details
Diplomático Planas
Country Venezuelan Rum
Distillery/Brand Diplomático
Style White Rum

Diplomático Planas

Taking the place of Diplomático Blanco, Diplomático Planas is made with Venezuelan rum which has been aged for six years before being charcoal filtered to remove its colour. This allows it to be used in cocktails where altering the drink's hue would be unwelcome, but continuing to give it those yummy aged rum flavours.

Tasting Note by The Chaps at Master of Malt

Nose Vanilla rich, with hints of fresh coconut, lemon and black tea.

Palate Chewy toffee and funky grass notes, with a lingering spiciness of fresh chilli.

Finish Drying peppery spice and a hint of juicy apricot.

Allergy information

This product does not contain any notifiable allergens
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Reviews for Diplomático Planas
Well worth a try. I don't understand why it only got 3 star rating I book it a 5
Lovely smooth.
Gary , United Kingdom
2 years ago
Good For Cocktails I Suppose.
Neat the taste is non-descript, and is incredibly brutal in the finish. It’s like drinking a glass of fire! Things don’t really improve much when mixed with Coca-Cola either. Yes of course it becomes easier to get along with when mixed with coke, but it still tastes rather bland. I’d say Diplomático Planas tastes a little bit like Reserva Exclusiva but nowhere near as good. The only positive I can say about this Planas, is that at least I can use it as a base rum in cocktails that I wish to create. In fact for cocktails this rum will be perfect. Every cloud eh!
Anello G , United Kingdom
2 years ago
Complex, a bit sweet, and punchy
A great wine shop recommended this to me.
I asked for a white rum for cocktails that was good enough to sip. Now, personally I find this too fiery and rough to enjoy neat, but it's become a benchmark as a mixer fro me.
Sweet, though not ridiculously so; it's complex with some age evident in there.
I've taken to mixing two rums together in cocktails, and this works great with Clairin Communal in a pina colada!
Hugh S , United Kingdom
2 years ago