Dead Man's Fingers Cornish Spiced Rum 70cl

Bajan Rum • 70cl • 37.5%
Product details
Dead Man's Fingers Cornish Spiced Rum
Country Bajan Rum
Distillery/Brand Dead Man’s Fingers
Bottler The Rum & Crab Shack
Style Spiced Rum

Dead Man's Fingers

A spiced rum created by the chaps behind The Rum & Crab Shack in St. Ives (which serves tasty seafood and top rum - sounds excellent to us). Dead Man's Fingers rum is made using a blend of Caribbean rums alongside a hearty helping of spices. When ordering, make sure to only ask for measurements in fingers like the cool people in films do. "Three fingers of Dead Man's Fingers please, barkeeper!"

Tasting Note by The Chaps at Master of Malt

Pineapple, Seville orange, dried raisins dusted with cinnamon and black pepper. A touch of creamy vanilla develops later on.

Winner of 4 spirit awards

Spiced Rum - 2020
The Rum Masters (The Spirits Business)
Flavoured Rum - 2019
San Francisco World Spirits Competition
Spiced Rum - 2020
World Rum Awards
Rum - Spiced - 2019
International Wine & Spirit Competition

Allergy information

Celery Info not yet available
Cereals Containing Gluten Info not yet available
Crustaceans Info not yet available
Eggs Info not yet available
Fish Info not yet available
Lupin Info not yet available
Milk Info not yet available
Molluscs Info not yet available
Mustard Info not yet available
Nuts Info not yet available
Peanuts Info not yet available
Sesame Seeds Info not yet available
Soybeans Info not yet available
Sulphur Dioxide / Sulphites Info not yet available
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Reviews for Dead Man's Fingers Cornish Spiced Rum
First and last time
Difficult to detect a rum content, too sweet and flowery. I will stay with Myers's Original Dark and Havana 7.
Beerdawg , China
9 months ago
Great with diet coke
My favourite rum. Personally prefer to other spiced rums, namely Kraken and Captain Morgan.
It is quite sweet, but I also enjoy neat with ice.
Master of Malt Customer
11 months ago
Good value for what it is.
Honest Review

You're paying around £22 for a bottle of rum.

Theres a lot of bonkers reviews on here, but let me try to put it simply.

Its a decent choice with a rum and coke, if a little sweet for the pallet of some.

Ignore the low stars from those somehow dissapointed that a £22 bottle of rum didnt taste amazing neat...

Ive given it 4 stars for what it is, a solid cheap level spiced rum. Would i order it over Captain Morgans in a bar? Yes. Would I order it by the bottle again for myself? Probably not.
Daniel C , United Kingdom
one year ago
Great with coke but can't stand on its own.
Great with coke but can't stand on its own. Good for a social drinker.
Andrew S , Canada
one year ago
Great stuff
I got a bottle today and I love it and will keep getting it
Mark little , Australia
one year ago
Worst so called rum I've tasted in 25 years
If you have bought this with the intention to drink it neat don't, its vile, I'm sure this is suitable for cleaning paint brushes.
It tastes very artificial and not at all like rum, infact I would go as far as to say it has rum in it and that's it, tastes like a grain spirit has been used also.
I don't expect much at this price point, but it's worse than even supermarket own brand stuff, if you are on a limited budget and want a mixer rum, just buy kraken or captain Morgan similar price and more suitable for mixers
This is the only rum I've poured down the sink, not even acceptable for cooking or used with a mixer.
Neil M , United Kingdom
one year ago
Too much sweet, not enough rum.
This drink, honestly doesn't even taste anything remotely like rum should. Sure it has aged rum in it, however there's no flavour of it at all. If I wanted to drink rum flavoured ice cream, I'd make it with a nicer drink than this trifle-flavoured rubbish. A shame on the county it proudly claims to come from.
However, it does mix alright with something else. And if you're not a fan of Kraken? This is better for those who don't enjoy 'harder' drinks.
Master of Malt Customer
one year ago
Bang average
Agree that it's not good in the sense of a good rum. However, not all that bad. I recommend trying it with a decent cranberry juice!
Alex , United Kingdom
2 years ago
Not actually Rum and not made in Cornwall
This bright yellow drink is probably one of the worst tasting drinks ever, its clearly grain spirits mixed with artificial sweeteners, colours and flavours. It's made in Exeter and has never been near a barrel so I have no idea why its ever allowed to be called rum, and its links to Stives are tenuous at best.
Jenine B , United Kingdom
2 years ago
One of the good ones
One of the best spiced rum I’ve had and I’ve had many many many rums!
Nicholas S , United Kingdom
2 years ago