Country Guyanese Rum
Distillery/Brand Ableforth's
Style Spiced Rum

Rumbullion! (35cl)

No matter how small the vessel, Rumbullion! retains its exclamation mark. This here is a 35cl bottle of Rumbullion!, the cockle-warming spiced rum from Ableforth's stable of spectacular spirits. This tipple is built around an excellent Caribbean rum, which is combined with a carefully considered bundle of ingredients, including Madagascan vanilla, orange peel, cassia, cloves and just a touch of cardamom.

Suitable for enjoying in many delicious cocktail, but also more than tasty enough to sip simply over ice with a good squeeze of lime.

Tasting Note by The Chaps at Master of Malt

Nose A fabulously decadent nose of intense, sweet vanilla and flamed orange zest. The cardamom makes itself known by offering up an evocative suggestion of old-fashioned cola, and to this the cloves bring out a deep, dark complexity. Yet more sweetness with cinnamon, which melds beautifully with essential oil notes of Seville orange peel.

Palate At once a fabulous mix of thick cut bitter orange marmalade and tingling, zinging spices. Hints of Manuka honey and mouth-watering cinnamon form its heart, with molasses, candy floss, toffee apples, crème brûlée and clove-studded oranges.

Finish A long finish, with tongue-prickling spices, and a stunning degree of freshness as cinnamon, orange and creamy, sweet vanilla notes coat the palate for minutes.

Overall Rich and profoundly intense, this is a rum to see you through the coldest months.

Allergy information

This product does not contain any notifiable allergens
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Reviews for Rumbullion! (35cl)
What's the hype?
I know this is an unpopular opinion but i just didnt like it. Everyone told me how amazing it was and i feel like it didnt live up to the hype. Not for me
Master of Malt Customer
one year ago
One of the best rums I've tasted
Have bought three or four bottles over the years now. Great drink.
Rahul R , United Kingdom
2 years ago
Oh eyeee
Oh eye this is one of my favourite rums not for its authentic style and quality like plantation xo, dictator or zacapa but for its delightful taste and scent. If I had only the rummy for good I'd live with that!
Master of Malt Customer
3 years ago
Gorgeously dances, tantalises and tickles the tastebuds, leaving you wanting more
I personally am not a shelf drinker, however, the Rumbullion is a gorgeous and a easily palatable drink, would thoroughly recommend this rum to anyone.
Dan S , United Kingdom
4 years ago