Riga Black Balsam 70cl

Latvian Liqueurs • 70cl • 45%
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Riga Black Balsam
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Distillery/Brand Riga

Riga Black Balsam

A traditional Latvian balsam (Riga is the capital) from what could well be the oldest bitter brand in the world, considering it dates back to 1752. A pharmacist named Kunze crafted the famous recipe more than 260 years ago using a blend of 24 all-natural ingredients, including valerian, wormwood, black pepper, and ginger, as well as rarer botanicals like gentian and Peruvian balsamic oil.

To create Riga Black Balsam, these botanicals are infused in a spirit-water mix using what the brand describes as 'unique single-barrel infusion technology'. Once the 'Riga Black Balsam essence' has been attained the liquid is blended with the rest of the ingredients such as honey and caramel.

It is then bottled in a natural clay bottle. For the first six months after bottling the flavour of Black Balsam will to develop as the ingredients interact with the clay.

Riga Black Balsam was has won more 100 awards at international level. You may never have tasted anything like this in your life, so it's surely worth a try?

Tasting Note by The Chaps at Master of Malt

Bittersweet, complex and richly spiced.

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Reviews for Riga Black Balsam
The Best herbal Medicine I ever had in my Home
The Best herbal Medicine I ever had in my Home :)
Last 10 years, since my best friend from Latvia give me this spirit as a present, I have always on stock in my house. Amazing taste, way much better and not so sweet then Jagermaister. You can put on vanilla Ice cream, mix with Cola or pure on rocks. Love it...
Miran D , Switzerland
2 years ago
Rough Stuff
A spirit with just about everything thrown in for good measure. The mother of all 'snake oils'. Tastes so bad that it can only do you good. I would describe the taste as somewhere between shellac varnish and paint stripper or a mixture of both, but since I have drunk neither, the closest I can get to, or even imagine would be Angostura straight from the bottle, or even shoe polish. This is the stuff for vagrant, rough alcoholics whose taste buds have been totally depleted.
James G , United Kingdom
3 years ago
I discovered this when a colleague brought me back a bottle from Latvia. Fantastic stuff - satisfyingly herbal and bitter if drunk neat, opens up with a drop of hot water and/or vodka. How come Jagermeister is in all the shops but this isn't?
Master of Malt Customer
3 years ago
Cough drops
Poor taste but unsurpassed as a remedy for cough, a tablespoon is enough and that's probably all you can drink at a time.
Master of Malt Customer
4 years ago
Best cure for the common cold - simply amazing.
I am prone to colds which turn into bronchitis. I came down with one en route to Tallin from Riga.
I had a bottle of this stuff in my bag which I had bought out of curiosity. On Friday night I felt like death and went to bed, the next day I sipped it all day and kept warm in bed.
On Sunday I got up feeling fine and was first down to breakfast. Cold absolutely GONE !!! What a wonderful magic potion!
Master of Malt Customer
4 years ago
Something to sip during winter
Over the years quality has slipped. Somehow you taste less natural ingredients and more alcohol these days. Despite that it's still well worth a try. I like to drink it during winter. Tastes like medicine and you probably ought to treat it as such. At 45% it's strong so a popular option is to drink mixed with blackcurrant juice.
Edgars S , United Kingdom
5 years ago