Bigallet China-China Liqueur 70cl

French Liqueurs • 70cl • 40%
Product details
Bigallet China-China Liqueur
Country French Liqueurs
Distillery/Brand Bigallet

Bigallet China-China

Despite having the word "China" in its name (twice, no less!), this is a French liqueur, made by Bigallet in the French Alps. Viriana China-China is made with high quality neutral spirit with macerated bitter and sweet orange peels. Added to this is a selection of botanicals, spices and even more citrus peels, creating a wonderfully bitter liqueur, not unlike an Amaro. As such, Viriana China-China is perfect for after dinner drinks.

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Fish Info not yet available
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Reviews for Bigallet China-China Liqueur
Good either in a cocktail or on its own as an after-dinner liqueur.
Lovely stuff. It's definitely a few steps on from Orange Curacao or Triple Sec.
Damon , United Kingdom
one year ago
not sweet orange
Had my first last night at The Merry Shelly in Buffalo, and am in love. Rich and dark and not sweet but not bitter, it was a perfect glass for a hail ridden night...
Gina Maria K , United States
one year ago
Not unlike an amaro, but not that much like one either
Very orange-forward, with the cinchona and other bitter elements well in background. Notable ethanol heat reminds you of the 40% ABV. Less up-front & complex herbiness compared to an Italian digestivo.

An interesting contrast is the Audemus Sepia Amer, which is like an inverse to this -- a bitter orange amer, but where the bittering element (chicory) is the star and the orange is quite subtle. These two seem like opposite ends of a French bitter-orange-liqueur spectrum to me. I lean a little more toward the Audemus side, but this one has its own appeal.

Joshua B , United Kingdom
2 years ago
Peppery, orangey, cola goodness.
Cola, orange peel heaven. Not too syrupy, nice alcohol hit, slightly peppery after taste. Delicious.
Master of Malt Customer
7 years ago