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Yeni Raki Spirit

Yeni Raki is more than a drink in Turkey. It's a symbol of connection and tradition. Dating back to the Ottoman Empire, it has been part of history.

Known for its strong aniseed flavour, Yeni Raki turns milky when mixed with water. This is why it's called "lion’s milk." It's made from grapes and aniseed and has 40-45% alcohol. It encourages slow drinking. Yeni Raki is often enjoyed with "meze," small dishes, or with fish and red meat.

Drinking Yeni Raki is a communal activity. It starts with pouring the clear spirit into a glass. Adding chilled water turns it cloudy white. It's drunk slowly with meze. This leads to long conversations and close gatherings. In Turkey, Yeni Raki means friendship and hospitality.

The Raki is now known worldwide. It's used in cocktails, mixing its aniseed flavour with other ingredients.

Still, traditional Raki is important. It's about connections and memories. It's part of Turkish history and modern life. It's seen the nation evolve.

Yeni Raki is made with double distillation and traditional methods. This shows Turkey's commitment to heritage. It's at many gatherings. It brings people together for meals and conversations. It symbolises Turkish hospitality. You'll find it in Istanbul and across Anatolia.

In a changing world, Yeni Raki remains a constant in Turkish society. It's a drink rich in history. It binds relationships and creates memorable moments. Yeni Raki is central to Turkish life.

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