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Xamán Mezcal

Mezcal Xamán honours Zapotec traditions. In Mesoamerican history, Xamáns (Shamen) were spiritual guides. They used mezcal for healing and connection.

Mezcal Xamán is like nature's alchemy. It's made from mature agaves and distilled twice. Local artisans use copper stills. This spirit has a rich blend of flavours. Legends say mezcal is the divine drink of gods. Mezcal Xamán offers an introspective journey.

Sustainability is key in making Mezcal Xamán. It uses artisanal methods without electricity or chemicals. Every step respects nature.

The process starts with angustifolia agaves. They grow for 8-10 years in Santiago Matatlán. This captures the region's essence in the drink. Skilled jimadores harvest the agave's heart. These are 100% organic, and free from pesticides and fertilisers.

Traditional methods are used next. The agave hearts cook in ground stone ovens for five days. This gives the mezcal a smoky taste. Then, they are ground using a tahona, a stone mill. The sugary fibres ferment in wooden barrels for up to 10 days. Natural sugars and yeasts turn the must into alcohol.

The final step is distilling the fermented must twice in wood-fired copper stills. Their Citrus Mezcal gets its twist from citruses infused in the second distillation.

The company uses solar energy and avoids plastics. Bottles have biodegradable cork and wood caps. They use organic screen printing for easy recycling of the glass bottles.

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