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Wildcat Gin distillery

Delving into the history of gin, one cannot overlook the mysterious tales, and central to many of those is the legend of 'Old Tom.' Wildcat Gins stands as a tribute to this intriguing history, with a nod to Captain Dudley Bradstreet, the elusive figure who is believed to have played a crucial role in the 'Old Tom' saga.

In the 18th century, gin consumption in Britain reached its zenith, often described as the 'Gin Craze.' It was during this tumultuous time that Captain Bradstreet found himself in London. The government, attempting to curb the excessive consumption of gin, levied heavy taxes and stringent licensing for its sale. Ingenious as ever, Bradstreet devised a cunning plan. He installed a leaden pipe outside his establishment, shaped like a black cat's paw. Those seeking a dram would drop a coin into the cat's mouth and whisper the words "Puss, give me two pennyworth of gin." Moments later, a shot of gin would be dispensed from the paw, directly into the waiting customer's mouth or container.

This cat-and-mouse game between law enforcement and Bradstreet gave birth to the iconic 'Old Tom' gin, named after the tomcat. Bradstreet's clandestine operations made 'Old Tom' a household name, representing a slightly sweeter style of gin compared to the London Dry gin.

With such a captivating backstory, it's only fitting that Wildcat Gins pays homage to this rebellious spirit. Their gin collection seeks to encapsulate the daring and innovative essence of Captain Bradstreet. Every sip is a journey back to those thrilling days of underground gin dealings, where secrecy was the currency, and innovation was the key to survival.

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