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Wild Knight

At the heart of Wild Knight Distillery lies a tale of passion, curiosity, and the pursuit of the finest sipping vodka. While most young adults are figuring out their favourite drinks, Matt was already immersed in the fascinating world of fermentation, turning garden fruits into wine and concocting beer from age-old recipes. His early interest was a precursor to what would later become a journey of crafting exceptional spirits.

A shared tasting experience a few years later sparked an epiphany for Matt and the team. Vodka wasn't just a bland, neutral spirit; it could be as rich in character as a well-aged whisky or a refined brandy. This insight ignited the drive to craft a vodka that could be sipped and relished, comparable to the finest spirits worldwide. With this vision, the Wild Knight English vodka was born in 2016, establishing itself as the distillery's first premium spirit.

Embracing the local terroir of Norfolk, barley naturally became the choice ingredient. Fields of golden barley surrounding the distillery not only added a touch of locality but also ensured that the resulting spirit was of the highest quality. An unhopped beer, produced from this barley, undergoes distillation in a traditional copper still. The choice to forgo chill-filtering ensures that the vodka retains the authentic and robust flavour of the barley grain.

But what's in a name? For the team at Wild Knight Distillery, the name "Wild Knight" perfectly encapsulated the spirit of British heritage and adventure they wanted their vodka to represent. A nod to merriment, tradition, and a quintessential British spirit.

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