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Wave Distil Whisky

Wave Distil is in Sorinnes, Dinant, Belgium. It is known for its skilled craftsmanship in distillation. Wave Distil started in 2010 with Cosmik Vodka Pure Diamond and Cosmik Apéritif. Thierry Van Renterghem, the master distiller, crafted these from Cosmik Vodka.

History of the Distillery

After initial success and awards, Wave Distil aimed to expand its range. In 2011, they sourced aged barrels from France. These had held Porto and Cognac. This helped them create their whisky. By 2014, they had August 17th, a three-year-old whisky, ready for the market.

In 2015, they launched the Gemblue Gin range. This gin won a gold medal in Chicago and a bronze in London, only four months after its release.

Wave Distil kept innovating. They made a Pure Malt whisky from the end heart cut of August 17th whisky. This whisky, Skot'Tiche, is distinctly Belgian.

In 2017, Wave Distil added the Rhum Little G range. This expanded their product line.

Wave Distil's products include Cosmik Vodka Gold Edition and a rare cask edition of August 17th. They focus on quality and unique flavours.

Visiting the distillery is an experience. It combines traditional methods with innovation. They offer gins, whiskies, vodkas, rums, and aperitifs. Visitors can see the distillation process and taste the products. These tastings show the skill and heritage of each product.

Wave Distil's craftsmanship, dedication to quality, and innovation continue. They make more than spirits. They create a legacy in every bottle. Their products reach from Belgium to international palates. Wave Distil represents Belgian distillery excellence and global spirit-making.

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