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Warner's Gin, originally known as Warner Edwards, is a British distillery. It has influenced the craft gin market since it started. The distillery is on a family farm in Harrington, Northamptonshire. It was founded in 2012 by friends Tom Warner and Sion Edwards. They loved farming, conservation, and fine spirits.

Philosophy and Production

Warner's Gin believes in a farm-grown approach. They focus on authenticity, sustainability, and natural ingredients. They often get botanicals from their farm and local area. Their gins use natural spring water from their spring. They take pride in knowing where their ingredients come from and their hands-on approach.

The distillery makes gins with traditional copper stills. This helps get the right balance of flavours. They use a one-shot distillation method. This method keeps the gin's strength unchanged. It takes more work and cost, but it ensures high quality.

Dry Gins

Warner's offers dry gins like the award-winning Harrington Dry Gin. This gin has 11 botanicals. They also make London Dry Gin, known for its complex aroma.

Flavoured Gins

They have flavoured gins too. Their Lemon Balm Gin uses botanicals from their gardens. Their Rhubarb Gin uses rhubarb from Queen Victoria's kitchen garden.

Sloe Gins and Liqueurs

Warner's also makes sloe gins and gin-based liqueurs. These are known for their rich flavours and versatility in cocktails.

Sustainability and Conservation Efforts

The company focuses on sustainability. They work on conservation projects like the "Falls Farm" initiative. This aims to increase biodiversity and protect the British countryside. They also have beehives to help bees and pollination.

Awards and Recognition

The gins have won many international awards. These show their high quality and have built a strong reputation.

Experiences and Community Engagement

The company offers more than spirits. Visitors can tour their botanical gardens and learn about distillation. They can also taste their gins. The company has built a community through events, clubs, and cocktail recipes on their website and social media.

Warner's Gin is a leader in craft distilling. They focus on agricultural tradition, environmental care, and making high-quality gins. Their commitment to sustainability and community sets them apart. They continue to make new products and initiatives, leading British craft distilling. They are known for their role in the gin industry and their commitment to the environment and local heritage.

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