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Urchin Spirits Liqueurs

Urchin Spirits, from the UK, just launched two new whisky liqueurs, Lucky Sod and Scorch. These are for the growing shot market. They target young adults who don't usually drink whisky. Their trendy flavours, smoother taste, and 29% ABV make them appealing.

John Vider, the boss of Proof Drinks, saw a chance in the rising shot sales. He wanted Lucky Sod and Scorch to be unique and high-quality. These liqueurs aim to improve the market with style and new ideas.


The packaging of Lucky Sod and Scorch stands out. They have bold fonts and pictures. Lucky Sod shows a cheeky smiling cat, hinting at the lucky black bog cat legend. This Irish whiskey liqueur tastes like toffee, caramel, and vanilla. It's different from usual whiskey.

Scorch is inspired by the classic Old Fashioned drink. It's a Scotch whisky liqueur with candied blood orange, vanilla, and chilli. Its logo is a stag with fiery horns. The slogan 'Let tradition burn' shows the brand's bold style.


These liqueurs are made for shots, but they're great in mixed drinks too. Scorch can be used in a 'Fiery Old Fashioned'. This drink mixes 50ml Scorch, bitters, ice, and orange peel. Lucky Sod is good in a 'Mixed Fortune'. This drink has 50ml Lucky Sod and 150ml Cola with ice. These drinks are a fresh take on the original shots.

Urchin Spirits sells Lucky Sod and Scorch on Amazon. They're also in places like Head of Steam, Bodean’s, and The Claddagh Ring. These places serve these new drinks. They offer new flavours and drinking experiences.

Lucky Sod and Scorch are more than new drinks. They're changing the whisky market. Urchin Spirits is making new experiences for whisky fans. They mix old and new ideas. They invite everyone to try these new styles.

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