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True North

True North Brew Co., based in Sheffield, England, has diversified its portfolio with the inclusion of spirits, notably its line of gins which have gained recognition for their quality and unique flavour profiles. Their journey in gin production epitomises the craft spirit movement – a dedication to local ingredients, traditional methods, and innovative twists.

One of the standout features of True North Gin is its emphasis on locality. The water used in the gin comes from the Peaks, ensuring a purity and mineral quality that forms the base of the spirit. Local botanicals are also employed, marrying the traditional juniper-forward notes with elements that are distinctly Sheffield, giving drinkers a real sense of place with every sip.

The distillation process at True North is rooted in tradition. Using copper pot stills the distillers ensure that the gin is smooth, with a well-rounded flavour profile. This traditional approach is juxtaposed with their innovative botanical blends, resulting in gins that are both familiar and novel.

Their gin range is diverse, catering to traditional gin enthusiasts and those seeking something a little different. From their classic Sheffield Dry Gin, which is a homage to the traditional London dry, to versions infused with local ingredients like raspberries or more exotic elements like lemongrass and jasmine, there's a True North Gin for every palate.

True North Gin also showcases its versatility through various cocktail recommendations. While it holds its own in a classic gin and tonic, its unique flavour profiles shine in more intricate concoctions, making it a favourite among mixologists in the region.

In conclusion, True North Gin is a testament to how a brand can respect tradition while embracing innovation. Its deep roots in Sheffield, combined with its forward-thinking approach to gin production, make it a standout in the crowded world of craft spirits.

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