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Trevethan Distillery, rich in tradition and family heritage, is a key player in the craft spirits scene. It is in Cornwall, England. The distillery's history dates back to the 1920s. Norman Trevethan created his Cornish gin recipe then. His descendants have now revived this legacy. They bring a touch of the past to modern spirit-making.

The main product is Cornish Gin. It follows Norman's original recipe. It includes traditional botanicals like juniper, coriander, cassia, and orange peel. It also has local flavours like Cornish elderflower and gorse flower. These give the gin a distinct regional character. This shows the distillery's connection to Cornwall's flora.

Making the gin balances tradition and modern methods. The distillery uses a copper pot still named 'Doris', after Norman’s daughter. They make the gin in small batches. This ensures detailed quality control. Each batch is made with care.

Trevethan Distillery has expanded its range. They now offer different flavours and variations of gin. These often include innovative twists on the classic gin. They use seasonal and local botanicals. This offers a variety of tastes for gin fans. The portfolio may have limited edition releases. These show the creativity of the original Trevethan spirit.

The distillery focuses on craftsmanship and community. They are known for reviving craft distilling in Cornwall. They contribute to the local economy. They provide jobs and use local ingredients and services.

Trevethan offers experiences for those interested in distillation. Visitors can learn about gin-making. They offer guided tours of the distillery and its history. They also have gin-making workshops. Here, participants can make their own gin to take home.

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