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Three Spirit

Three Spirit is a leader in non-alcoholic drinks. They have created a plant-based alternative to alcohol. This is known as "The Third Way". It focuses on what is added to the drink, not just what is left out.

Embracing Botanical Alchemy

Botanical alchemy is key to their work. They combine expertise from bartenders, plant scientists, and herbalists. They use over 60 plant-based ingredients. Methods include maceration, fermentation, distillation, and ultrasonic extraction. They aim for drinks that are rich in taste and sensory experience.

Active, Award-Winning Ingredients

These drinks have active ingredients like adaptogens, nootropics, and herbs. These ingredients aim to enhance mood and health. Examples include Lion's Mane Mushroom, Hüll Melon Hops, and Schizandra Berry. They blend unique flavours and health benefits. The company has won over ten awards for their innovative drinks.

Kind to People and Planet

Three Spirit is also committed to sustainability and ethics. They are a B Corp, showing their focus on holistic sustainability. They use well-researched, ethically sourced ingredients. Their packaging is mostly plastic-free and recyclable.

Ongoing Research and Innovation

Research and integrity are important to them. They work with universities like UCL and the University of Surrey. They study plant-based ingredients and their effects. Recent studies have looked at myrcene in Hüll Melon hops and Lion's Mane Mushroom.

A Future Vision

The brand aims to redefine drinking. They focus on knowledge, sustainability, and ethics. They blend science and art in their drinks. Each sip tells a story of botanical richness and global responsibility.

Three Spirit is more than a non-alcoholic brand. It represents a new way of thinking about drinking. It combines ancient plant wisdom with modern science and mixology. This creates a future where drinking is enjoyable and enriching.

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