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The Last Drop

The Last Drop Distillers, known for their exceptional and rare whiskies, represent a niche in the world of spirits that focuses on uncovering and bottling some of the rarest and most exquisite whiskies in the world. The company, founded by James Espey and Tom Jago, veterans in the spirits industry, has built a reputation for offering whiskies that are not just beverages, but pieces of history.

The Last Drop's philosophy is centred around the discovery and selection of unique, often forgotten casks of whisky from distilleries all over Scotland and beyond. These casks, often several decades old, are sourced from closed or mothballed distilleries, making their contents exceedingly rare and valuable. The whiskies are bottled exactly as they are found, often at cask strength and without any additional colouring or filtration, preserving their original character and authenticity.

The range of whiskies offered by The Last Drop is diverse, featuring single malts, blended Scotch, and even some rare blended grain whiskies. Each bottle comes from a limited cask, making every release a limited edition. The age statements on these whiskies are remarkable, often featuring spirits that are 50 years old or more. This age not only signifies the rarity of the whisky but also contributes to a complexity and depth of flavour that can only be achieved through extended ageing.

The Last Drop's bottlings are highly sought after by collectors and connoisseurs. Each release is accompanied by thorough documentation, detailing the whisky's origin, distillery history, and the story of how it was discovered. This level of detail adds to the allure and exclusivity of the whisky, making each bottle not just a drink, but a collector's item and a piece of history.

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