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Tequila Cabrito

Tequila Cabrito, known for its quality and heritage, is made at the Centinela Distillery in Arandas, Jalisco, Mexico. This distillery is famous in the tequila world. Tequila Cabrito combines tradition, dedication, and innovation in making one of Mexico's beloved spirits.

The Cabrito Tequila story starts in Jalisco's agave fields. The rich red soil and ideal climate grow Blue Agave plants to perfection. The highlands produce sweeter, fruitier agave. This contributes to Tequila Cabrito's unique character. The brand is welcoming to both tequila experts and beginners.

At the Centinela Distillery, traditional and modern methods blend. The process begins with choosing peak agave for sugar and flavour. The jimadores, skilled agave farmers, harvest the piñas (agave core) with care.

After harvesting, the piñas are slow-roasted. This step releases the agave's sugars and flavours. Cabrito uses stone/brick ovens for a days-long slow-cooking process. This careful cooking brings out the agave's sweetness and complex aromas.

Fermentation is a natural process that turns sugars into alcohol. Cabrito values natural, slow methods. This lets the agave fully express itself in the spirit. Distillation then refines the spirit, making it robust and smooth. The distillery's experts focus on detail and understand tequila science and art.

Cabrito Tequila is deep in tradition yet modern and approachable. Its blanco tequila is clean and straightforward. It works well in cocktails and is enjoyable on its own. The brand, with its symbolic goat (‘cabrito’ means ‘little goat’), honours the spirit's robustness and vitality. It also shows playfulness and accessibility.

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