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Avión Tequila

Tequila Avión is a contemporary entrant into the world of premium tequilas, yet its relatively short history doesn't belie its meteoric rise to fame and its commitment to quality. Embodying the spirit of elevation in every sense – from its high-altitude agave sourcing to its transcendent taste profile – Tequila Avión is quickly becoming a favourite for aficionados and casual sippers alike.

Originating from the small town of Jesús María in the highlands of Jalisco, Mexico, Tequila Avión owes much of its distinct taste to its location. The town lies at an altitude of over 7,000 feet, where the blue agave plants used for Avión are grown. This high-altitude environment, combined with the area's rich volcanic soil, provides ideal conditions for cultivating agave with a richer, more nuanced flavour profile.

The attention to detail doesn’t stop with the selection of agave. Once harvested, the agave plants are slow-roasted in brick ovens to draw out their sweet flavours. The liquid extracted from these roasted agaves, known as "mosto," is then fermented, distilled, and aged. The exact ageing process varies depending on the variety of Tequila Avión. Whether it's the unaged Silver, the slightly aged Reposado, or the more robustly aged Añejo, each variant offers a unique and intricate palette of flavours.

Tequila Avión’s meticulous production process ensures a smooth and refined final product. The tequila is known for its floral, herbal notes and its undertones of rich caramel and coconut. These flavours, combined with a slightly spicy finish, create a well-balanced tequila that's perfect for sipping or as the base of a sophisticated cocktail.

Tequila Avión quickly garnered attention not just for its superior taste but also its intriguing brand narrative. Many became acquainted with the brand through its prominent storyline in the hit TV series "Entourage." While some initially dismissed it as just a clever product placement, the brand soon proved its mettle by winning numerous awards and earning praise from tequila enthusiasts around the world.

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