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The Sweet Potato Spirit Co

The Sweet Potato Spirit Company is part of a growing trend in the artisanal spirits market. They turn sweet potatoes into a range of premium alcoholic drinks. This unique approach to making spirits is not just for show. It focuses on quality and celebrates the natural sweetness and versatility of sweet potatoes.

The company started with a love for the earthy taste of sweet potatoes. They decided to use this ingredient for all their products. This sets them apart from typical spirits, which are usually made from grains, grapes, or sugarcane.

Their process starts with choosing the best sweet potatoes. These are picked for their flavour and natural sweetness. The sweet potatoes are then carefully processed to extract their essence. The distillation happens in small batches using traditional methods. This hands-on approach ensures high-quality products.

The company offers a range of spirits that show the versatility of sweet potatoes. This includes moonshines, gins, liqueurs, and spiced rum. All these have a distinct taste and smooth texture unique to sweet potato-based spirits.

Their moonshine follows the bootlegging tradition of the American South. It is a clear, unaged spirit that captures the essence of sweet potatoes. Their gin mixes traditional juniper with spices and sweet potato. This creates a unique, aromatic spirit with a subtly sweet finish.

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