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The Amalfi Coast of Italy is known for its stunning views, sunny beaches, and lemon groves. It symbolises Mediterranean romance and luxury. Staibano makes its spirits and liqueurs here. It captures the essence of Amalfi in every bottle.

Founded on Family Legacy

Staibano is based on a rich family history. It celebrates the tastes and traditions of the Amalfi Coast. The brand uses old family recipes and local traditions. It combines old-world charm with modern skill. Each bottle of Staibano shows the heritage, love, and care in making these luxurious spirits.

Key Ingredient: Amalfi Lemon

The liqueurs feature the Amalfi lemon. This lemon is known for its great smell and unique taste. It is mixed with other local ingredients. This makes Staibano's signature drinks. They range from zesty lemon liqueurs to creamy, smooth ones. Staibano's range is diverse, elegant, and full of feeling.

Commitment to Authenticity

The brand is true to its roots. It does not follow modern trends or use industrial methods. Each bottle tells stories of the family's past, Amalfi's culture, and local craftsmen's passion. This realness is clear in both the taste and the stories the brand values.

More Than Just a Drink

Drinking Staibano is like visiting the Amalfi Coast. The sea breeze, lemon orchards, and warm Italian sun come to life in each flavour.

Staibano's Meaning

Staibano is more than a brand. It honours the Amalfi Coast. It is a tribute to its history. It is for those who value realness and heritage. Each sip is not just a drink. It is part of a long Amalfitan celebration.

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