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Spiritique was born from a deep love for spirits and true flavours. Its creators travelled the world, learning about fine spirits. Their aim was simple but big: to create one outstanding product in each category, unmatched in quality and taste.

The Essence of Spiritique

Spiritique focuses on creativity and flavour. The creators aim for a unique look. They use pure and rich ingredients. Their goal is that people enjoy tasting their spirits as much as they enjoy making them.

The Range

Yu Gin is a new step for Spiritique. It brings a fresh approach to gin. Yu Gin has a pure and dynamic design. It offers a freshness and elegance that's rare. Yuzu, a special citrus from Japan and France, gives Yu Gin its unique taste.

Yuzu is simple but has a rich taste. Chefs and mixologists love it. Yu Gin goes beyond Yuzu's citrusy taste. It mixes juniper, yuzu, Sichuan pepper, and liquorice. This makes the gin rich. It also inspires new cocktails.

Bistro Vodka sounds Russian but is a nod to the French spirit. It's made from French wheat. This clear spirit has subtle smells. It reminds you of a French bistro. It's good alone or in cocktails.

Yu No is a non-alcoholic spirit. It's not just a version of Yu Gin. It's new and different. It offers a fresh, alcohol-free cocktail experience. Yu No has the refreshing taste of Yuzu without the alcohol.

Amaethon Whisky honours Amaethon, an ancient Gallic god. He was the god of cereals and harvests. Amaethon whisky is a double-distilled single malt. It's made in the Cognac region. It celebrates France's rich history. Its maturing process shows off the fine French barley.

Noces Royales is a mix of royal pears and Cognac. These pears were loved in Louis XIV's court. This mix makes a smooth balance. The fruit's natural taste goes well with the strong Cognac. Noces Royales shows off both the fruit and Cognac. It offers a rich and original set of tastes.

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