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South Downs Spirits Rum

In the confines of lockdown, John and Georgina conceived a daring ambition, a spark that led to the inception of Goldstone Rum, whilst navigating a sea of late-night discussions and bubbling ideas. Striving to escape their corporate shackles and forge a realm where they would rule as their own bosses, the couple sought to create more time with their young family and carve out a new world founded on creativity.

John's Culinary and Corporate Background

Rewinding 12 years, John, a classically trained chef, devoted many hours in the kitchen, refining recipes and exploring his passion for food and drink. His innate desire for creativity has been a consistent theme, albeit the antisocial hours of the culinary world eventually diverted him into the corporate domains of aviation and IT, where he undertook the role of a Chief Commercial Officer.

Georgina's Marketing and Hospitality Expertise

Georgina brings a wealth of marketing expertise to the endeavour, having strategically promoted some of the UK’s renowned brands over the past 13 years. Her childhood, steeped in the world of a family-owned pub, not only acquainted her with the beverage industry but also imparted pivotal insights into the gritty realities of running a drinks establishment. As a mother to two young daughters, she endeavours to demonstrate that daring to dream and leaping into the unknown are both viable and courageous acts.

A Confluence of Quality and Craftsmanship

Goldstone Rum, birthed amidst these aspirations and experiences, takes pride in offering products that are currently unparalleled in the rum market. John and Georgina’s dedication to executing things proficiently, perfecting their craft, and presenting the finest British-made rum has firmly placed their creations in the spotlight. Notably, their rum is meticulously crafted from scratch, using premium ingredients at a Sussex distillery nestled in the foothills of the South Downs.

Award-Winning Products

The Goldstone Rum selection, particularly their double award-winning classic white rum, seamlessly blends molasses and raw cane sugars from jaggery, panela, and cane juice, conjuring a truly distinctive white rum that has secured accolades including Silver at The London Spirit Awards and a star from The Great Taste Awards. The sophisticated palette of three sugars curates a unique flavour profile: panela offering a nuanced caramel hint, jaggery infusing a smoky undertone, and cane juice melding these flavours to deliver a smooth and fresh rum experience.

Their product line also includes several other intriguing variants like the "Spiced" rum, which revels in a full spice flavour without succumbing to an overpowering vanilla essence or an overly sweet aftertaste, and "Ginger & Lime," an infusion that delivers a fresh and zesty flavour profile, to name a few. Additionally, their collaboration with The Barista Project has facilitated the infusion of 100% fair trade arabica beans from Honduras and Colombia with their white rum, providing a delightful espresso Rumtini.

Sustainability and Ethics

Sustainability is woven into the fabric of Goldstone Rum, and the founders are committed to minimising their carbon footprint. A majority of their packaging is recyclable, and they collaborate with a carbon-neutral shipping provider and suppliers, actively reducing their carbon footprint. An electric vehicle manages their transportation needs, illustrating their dedication to eco-friendly operations.

The Spirit Lab

Moreover, The Spirit Lab, Goldstone’s very own Rum School, peels back the curtain, providing aficionados a behind-the-scenes gaze into the distillery and the unique opportunity to distil their own bottle of spirit. The initiative not only provides a hands-on experience but also encourages enthusiasts to delve deeper into understanding what renders a spirit exceptional.

With an unwavering belief in traditional craftsmanship, Goldstone Rum seeks to bring a more traditional style of rum to the market, steering clear of merely re-distilling imported Caribbean products and appending flavours. Their intricate process involves meticulous fermentation and a special blend of yeast, leading to the eventual delightful act of distillation using a still explicitly designed for rum, ensuring a super smooth flavour.

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