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Silver Circle Distillery

Silver Circle Distillery in Catbrook, Monmouthshire, stands out in the spirits world. It's known for high-quality products and a focus on local sourcing and community ties. Since starting in 2019, the distillery quickly became known for its local heritage and innovation.

Embracing Local Flavours and Ingredients

Silver Circle Distillery is committed to local sourcing. They work with local businesses and use ingredients from the area. Their spirits reflect Monmouthshire's rich biodiversity and agricultural wealth. They use local water and botanicals, making each bottle a true taste of the region.

Variety and Quality

Silver Circle offers a range of spirits, each unique. Their Wye Valley Gin, a top product, has a clean, crisp taste. It's made with ingredients from the lush local environment. They also make other spirits, appealing to different tastes. These products have won local and wider praise, putting the distillery on the map in the UK.

Environmental and Social Responsibility

The distillery follows sustainable and ethical practices. They produce responsibly and source ingredients ethically. By using local suppliers, they reduce their carbon footprint and support the local economy. This strengthens their ties with the community and environment.

Engaging with the Community

Silver Circle engages with its community. They offer tours, workshops, and tasting sessions. These events help people learn about spirit making. Visitors get to see the craft and care that go into making their spirits.

Silver Circle Distillery blends tradition with innovation. Their spirits are excellent in flavour and quality. They reflect the beautiful landscapes of Monmouthshire. Their focus on localism, sustainability, and community makes them more than just a spirit maker. As they continue to grow, Silver Circle is a name to watch in spirit making. Each bottle celebrates Welsh agriculture and craftsmanship.

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