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Silent Pool

Silent Pool Gin is a well-known artisan spirit from Surrey Hills, England. It's near the famous Silent Pool, a lake with very clear water. The gin's taste is linked to this area and its history.

The Silent Pool Distillers make the gin with great care. They use water from the Silent Pool for a smooth taste. Their distillery is right next to the pool for direct access to this water.

This gin stands out for its balanced and rich taste. The makers use 24 botanicals, including local lavender, chamomile, and honey. They mix these carefully, making sure each adds to the flavour. This process creates a gin that is both classic and modern, with citrus, floral, and honey notes.

The way they make gin mixes old and new methods. They have a special copper still for full control over the making process. This control is key to the gin's unique flavour balance.

The gin's bottle is as unique as its taste. It has detailed designs showing the botanicals and the Silent Pool's mystical feel. This design makes the gin stand out, whether in a shop or at home.

Besides their main gin, the distillers now offer other products. These include flavoured gins and gin liqueurs, all keeping the original's high quality.

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