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Scarpa Vermouth

Scarpa Vermouth comes from a famous Italian wine and vermouth maker. The Scarpa wine estate in Italy's Monferrato hills is known for its fine wines. Their move into vermouth making has been just as impressive.

Vermouth is a wine with added botanicals. It started in Italy, among other places. Scarpa's version mixes Italian winemaking craft with many flavours. This creates a vermouth that honours its roots while offering a modern taste.

Making Scarpa Vermouth

The vermouth uses the natural resources of Piedmont. This region is known for its great wine. The hills and climate help grapes grow well. This makes a strong, tasty base for their vermouth.

Scarpa adds botanicals to the wine. These include herbs, spices, barks, and roots. Each adds its own taste and smell. These botanicals soak in the wine, giving it complex aromas and flavours.


The vermouth is well-balanced. It mixes sweetness, bitterness, and aroma. You can drink it neat, over ice, or in cocktails. This shows its balanced taste and versatility.

Scarpa's vermouth reflects the Piedmont landscape. It uses local characteristics in its drinks. The choice of botanicals is about taste and tradition. These recipes have been passed down for generations.

The production method and botanical mix are often secret. These secrets add to the vermouth's charm. Scarpa's vermouth likely has these secret recipes. Each sip is a taste of the region's vermouth-making history.

A bottle of Scarpa vermouth is more than a drink. It shows the art of making such a drink. From growing grapes to ageing the drink, every step is important in making Scarpa vermouth.

Scarpa, with its wine background, offers a vermouth that echoes its wine tastes. It adds the complex tastes of the botanicals. This links the rich wine world with the lively vermouth world.

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