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San Pablo Rum

Ron San Pablo is perhaps the most famous rum from Curaçao. It has been known for excellence since it started in 1945. This rum tells a story of passion and skill. It is closely linked with the island's character and history.

The story starts with Sr Justo Gonzalez in Cuba. He made the first Ron San Pablo (gold) blend. At the same time, in Curaçao's Brionplein, Otrobanda, August Damian Jonckheer (A.D.) sold shoes from his garage. Their paths met, and Ron San Pablo began to be exported to Curaçao.

Under A.D. Jonckheer, Ron San Pablo had a golden era. It became the island's most famous rum. They then brought out the Reserva 1945 collection. This includes some of the best rums from around the world. Following a recipe kept safe for over 60 years, the collection has rums aged at least eight years. They are blended and settled for perfect balance.

Reserva 1945 8-Year-Old is dark amber. It smells of banana leaves and honey. It tastes sweet with caramel and strong vanilla. It has a medium aftertaste.

Reserva 1945 12-Year-Old is a balanced gold/amber rum. It has aromas of vanilla and dried fruits and has sweet hints. The taste offers honey and a medium finish.

Reserva 1945 15-year-old is amber. Its smell has very ripe bananas and tropical fruits. It tastes of caramel and ends with sweet and dark chocolate notes.

Añejo has a light gold colour. It smells of caramel and subtle vanilla. The taste moves to dark chocolate and has a smooth finish.

Añejo Blanco is clear. It has sweet caramel and vanilla smells. The taste is sweet with caramel and vanilla hints.

Gold was started in 1937 by A.D. Jonckheer. Its golden colour has molasses and caramel smells. The taste brings honey and vanilla.

Platinum White is clear. This rum is loved in Curaçao. It has honey and vanilla smells with cane sap and clove tastes.

Ron San Pablo’s collection shows the skill, tradition, and spirit of the island. It is a remarkable sign of Curaçao’s rum heritage.

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