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Salers, a gentian aperitif, is the oldest of its kind from the Massif Central. It started in 1885 in Corrèze. This drink is made with care. First, they extract and clean the roots. Then they crush them. The roots soak in alcohol for weeks. This step is key to getting the right colour and bitter taste.

After soaking, they separate the infusion. They distil the roots in copper stills. The distillate mixes with the first maceration, spices, and botanicals. Then, it ages for over three years in Limousin oak vats. In the final step, they add water, neutral alcohol, and a bit of sugar. Salers Gentian is not fermented. It uses superfine alcohol.

Alfred Labounoux created Salers in 1885. He used yellow gentian from Auvergne, near Salers and Puy Mary. The liqueur became popular in Auvergne and Limousin. Later, it reached Paris. After World War II, the distillery grew. In 2006, it joined the Vedrenne family group and moved to Turenne.

Salers has always focused on advertising. It was a main sponsor of the Tour de France in 1938.

The company grows its gentian in Auvergne's open fields. They follow sustainable practices. It takes about twenty years for the gentian plant to mature. Harvesting is done by hand. This protects the local flora and ecosystem. They wash and crush the roots within 24 hours of harvesting.

Salers offers several products. These include Salers Ziane, a non-alcoholic version, and Salers Gentian Syrup, a bitter cordial. There is also the Salers Gentian Liqueur, made from Alfred Labounoux's secret recipe. Salers Distilled Gin stands out too. It has 11 botanicals, including gentian root. It has a spicy finish with pepper, ginger, and gentian flavours.

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