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Saicho Mixers

Saicho is a revolutionary brand that's taken the beverage world by storm with its sparkling tea range. Inspired by ancient brewing methods, Saicho has successfully modernised the art of tea fermentation to create a series of effervescent drinks that beautifully bridge the gap between tea and sparkling wine.

Each sparkling tea in the Saicho range is cold-brewed to extract the best flavours and aromas from the carefully selected tea leaves. This cold-brew process, complemented by natural fermentation, yields a refined taste profile with layered complexities. After brewing, the tea is finely balanced with a touch of sweetness and then carbonated, giving it its signature sparkling texture.

Saicho's range showcases teas from various regions, each bringing its unique taste profile. From the delicate floral notes of Darjeeling to the smoky undertones of Hojicha, there's a Saicho sparkling tea to suit every palate. Moreover, each variant is designed to pair beautifully with different cuisines, elevating the dining experience.

Apart from its taste, Saicho stands out for its commitment to sustainability and responsible sourcing. Only the finest and ethically sourced tea leaves make it to the brew, ensuring a premium quality drink while supporting the global tea-growing community.

In essence, Saicho sparkling tea offers a modern twist on a time-honoured beverage, providing a refreshing, sophisticated, and alcohol-free alternative for those seeking something unique in their glass.

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