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Ron Cubay

Ron Cubay was founded in 1964 in Santo Dominco, Villa Clara, which is located in the centre of the Cuban Island on an impressive distillery complex that includes aging warehouses; rum preparation and stand rooms; and a bottling facility room. Ron Cubay has long been considered to be the pearl of the Cuban rums and such was its popularity and reputation locally, the brand was only made available for international consumption in 2010, when the first shipments for export markets arrived in Europe.

Cuba has such a rich heritage for producing rum partly because of legislation from the government dictates that only authentic Cuban raw materials can be used in the creation of its rum, and partly because its distinct climate is ideal for facilitating and harnessing such materials. Cuban sugarcane, for example, produces very fine molasses that form the basis of the best Cuban rums. Once it is extracted, molasses is then distilled in a column still in order to derive the ‘aguardiente’ (an anise-flavoured liqueur derived from sugar cane). The distinctive, local and exquisite nature of this aguardiente is one of the many secrets of Cuban rum, and Ron Cubay with it .

The next stage of the process after the aguardiente is attained, is to age the spirit, which Ron Cubay do in re-charred barrels that previously held whisky. Its diverse range of barrels vary in size, but all of them are made of American White Oak. In order to attain an authentic Cuban rum, nothing is added to correct defects, no Solero System is applied, and only 100% natural product from Cuba is used.

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