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Rock Island Whisky distillery

Founded in 1948, Douglas Laing's Rock Island range showcases maritime-themed whiskies. Fred Douglas Laing started the company. It has been family-run for over 70 years. The company is known for its characterful and complex whiskies. The Rock Island range reflects its commitment to quality and Scottish whisky tradition.

Rock Island whiskies are blended malts. They are influenced by Scotland's whisky-producing islands: Islay, Jura, Orkney, and Arran. These islands are known for their salty, peaty single malts with a hint of smoke. Rock Island blends these elements into a rich tapestry of flavours.

The Distinctive Range

Rock Island offers whiskies of various ages and complexities. These range from their signature no-age-statement blend to aged versions like the Rock Island 10, 18, and 21 Years Old. Each one has a blend of single malts chosen for their unique traits.

Rock Island

The flagship Rock Island has no age statement. It captures the essence of island malts. It has robust, earthy flavours with a hint of the sea. The nose has a fresh coastal breeze scent, while the palate offers smoky, oaky, and spicy notes. The finish leaves a lasting taste of salt and peat.

Rock Island 10 Years Old

Aged for a decade, the Rock Island 10 Years Old delves deeper into the complexity of island whiskies. It keeps the maritime traits but adds richer peat and oak-spiced notes. Vanilla and citrus flavours balance the smokiness.

Rock Island 18 Years Old

The Rock Island 18 Years Old is an elegantly aged whisky. It combines maritime qualities with the impact of time. The extra years add depth, blending peat and smoke with dark chocolate, dried fruit, and heather.

Rock Island 21 Years Old

The Rock Island 21 Years Old is the range's peak. It is a limited edition blend. It has a complex mix of smokiness, ripe fruits, sweet honey, and spiced oak. This whisky demands attention, like the Scottish islands it represents.

Craftsmanship and Presentation

The Rock Island range's presentation matches its craftsmanship. The bottles have a nautical design, reflecting the maritime spirit. Labels and packaging often feature Scottish island maps or images. This highlights the brand's island heritage. The whiskies themselves show the blender's skill in achieving balance.

Tasting Notes and Enjoyment

These whiskies are best enjoyed neat or with a drop of water. This opens up their complex flavours. Each expression, from the no-age statement to the 21 Years Old, is crafted to be savoured. They suit both quiet moments and lively discussions among enthusiasts.

The Rock Island range from Douglas Laing celebrates Scotland's island whiskies. It offers a flavour journey through the rugged beauty and distilling traditions of the Scottish Isles. From the untamed Rock Island to the mature 21 Years Old, each tells a story of land, sea, and craftsmanship. Douglas Laing & Co. invites whisky lovers to explore these flavours, promising a captivating taste experience.

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