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Ragnaud-Sabourin Cognac

Ragnaud Sabourin Cognac distillery is in the Grande Champagne region of Cognac, France. It represents tradition, craftsmanship, and family dedication. Dating back to the 1850s, it's one of the few family-run Cognac producers.

The distillery's history is linked to the Grande Champagne terroir. This area is known for high-quality eaux-de-vie. The unique soil gives the Cognac its flavour and ageing potential. Ragnaud Sabourin focuses on using only this region's eaux-de-vie. This shows their commitment to quality.

Ragnaud Sabourin sticks to traditional methods. They avoid modern mass production. They choose authenticity and proven methods. From selecting grapes to distilling in copper pot stills, they respect old practices.

Their Cognac ages for extended periods. Their cellars have barrels that age eaux-de-vie longer than usual. This gives the Cognac rich nuances and complexity. It's about letting the spirit evolve and interact with the oak.

The distillery has been passed down through generations. Annie Ragnaud-Sabourin and her son Olivier now run it. They keep family traditions while also bringing new ideas.

Their range of Cognacs is diverse. Each bottle reflects the distillery's character and philosophy. From the floral Alliance No. 4 to the deep Paradis de Famille, each sip tells a story of the land and the family's labour of love.

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