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Providence Rum

Distillerie de Port-au-Prince, set up in 2018, is a new rum distillery in the Caribbean. It came from a partnership between Haiti's Barbancourt-Linge family and La Maison & Velier, combining France's La Maison du Whisky and Italy's Velier. Together, they launched the brand Providence.

Historical Roots

The Haitian rum story started in 1765 with Louis Barbancourt. He moved from Bordeaux to Haiti. Nearly a century later, in 1870, his family started a distillery. They made renowned Agricole-style rum.

Later, in the mid-20th century, Jane Barbancourt from this family married Rudolf Linge, a German perfumer. They started their own brand, now run by their son. The family wanted to revive their distilling tradition. Their partnership with La Maison & Velier made this happen. Herbert Barbancourt-Linge Jr. manages the distillery.

Legacy Behind the Name

The distillery is in a place historically known as Habitation Sarthe Providence. This area had sugarcane plantations and likely old distilleries. The name "Providence" reflects its past and a hopeful future.

Reviving Architectural and Rum Distillation Traditions

In 2012, Haiti's Clairins – artisanal rums – showed the country's spirit quality. Local architect William Kenel-Pierre designed the distillery. It reflects Haiti's gingerbread architectural style. A 1,500-litre copper still from Germany's Müller Pot Stills is a feature. Master distiller Gianni Capovilla guided its installation.

A Vision and Commitment

The brand focuses on making top rums. They explore the Cristalline cane and different production methods. The team prioritises quality and small-batch, artisanal production.

From Heritage to Bottling

Providence blends international insights and goals. Their rums are transparent, honest, and high-quality. Herbert Barbancourt-Linge Jr. leads a small team. He oversees every stage, from distillation to bottling.

Providence's Unique Offerings

"First Drops" is their first product. This clear rum is distilled from syrup and fresh Cristalline cane juice. It has a vibrant nose with pepper, strawberry, and fresh cane. The taste includes pineapple and cane honey, ending with herbaceous and peppery notes.

"Dunder & Syrup" uses traditional methods. It combines Cristalline cane syrup and juice with "vinasse" from previous distillations. This enhances its aromatic complexity.

Providence is more than a brand. It's a symbol of Haiti's rich rum heritage and modern innovation. The focus is on quality and tradition.

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