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Porthilly Spirit Distillery

Porthilly Spirit is known for its well-made drinks and its connection to Cornwall, England. The brand mixes spirit making with love for the natural world. It stands out for its local feel and wide appeal.

Porthilly Spirit works where the calm Cornish landscapes meet the Atlantic. The spirits reflect the area's beauty and peace. The brand draws from and blends with its surroundings. Each bottle captures a bit of Cornwall's maritime charm.

The brand offers more than just spirits. It aims to involve people through taste, environment, and community. Their events, like the Porthilly Spirit Festival, mix drinks with wellness, food, and music. These happen on the Cornish coast, creating a varied experience.

Artisan Production and Craftsmanship

The spirits show artisan skill and a careful distilling process. Every step, from picking ingredients to distillation and maturing, is thought out. This ensures a top, consistent product. Porthilly Spirit mixes traditional and new methods for familiar yet fresh spirits.


They think about the environment in everything they do. This keeps the beautiful landscapes they rely on safe. They use local ingredients, minimise waste, and choose recyclable and sustainable packaging.

The brand is close to its community. It works with local producers, artists, and businesses. The company ensures its products and experiences reflect the local character and history.

Porthilly Spirit is more than a spirit maker. It offers a bottle that is about place, people, and experiences. The brand focuses on careful production, nature, local ties, and sustainability. It's not just spirits, but stories of Cornwall in a bottle, ready to be opened, tasted, and enjoyed.


Portobello Road Distillery is in Notting Hill, London. It's known for its love of gin. The distillery stands out in the gin market with its mix of old and new gin-making methods.

Establishment and Ethos

Ged Feltham, Jake Burger, and Paul Lane started the distillery in 2011. Their love for gin and its history in London led to its creation. It's above 'The Portobello Star', a historic pub from the 19th century. The distillery celebrates London's gin history. It focuses on making high-quality spirits that respect classic London dry gin while fitting modern tastes.

Distinctive Gin Production

The main product is Portobello Road No. 171 Gin. It's named after its birthplace. The gin blends nine botanicals like juniper and citrus peels. This makes a classic but versatile flavour. They distil in small batches for quality and consistency.

The Ginstitute Experience

'The Ginstitute' is a key part of the distillery. Visitors learn about gin's history in London, explore botanicals, and make their own gin. The Ginstitute shows the distillery's focus on gin education and enjoyment.

Expanding Product Range

Besides its main gin, the distillery now makes other spirits and liqueurs. These show the same skill and attention to detail. This range includes a navy strength gin, a sloe gin, and limited editions with special botanicals.

Commitment to Sustainability

The distillery cares about sustainability in making and packaging its products. It tries to lessen its environmental impact. This is part of a trend in the spirits industry towards more eco-friendly practices.

Awards and Recognition

Portobello Road Distillery has won many awards for its gins. These show the quality and innovation of its products. The awards have helped make it a key name in London's gin market.

Global Reach

While based in London, the distillery's gins are popular worldwide. Its mix of traditional and modern gin-making appeals to international customers. This makes it a noted brand globally.

Future Outlook

Portobello Road Distillery looks set to keep growing and innovating. The distillery wants to expand and make more high-quality, special gins to meet demand.

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