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PitWheel Gin

Situated in the historic county of Durham, Pitwheel Gin Distillery stands as a testament to the region's rich industrial and cultural heritage. Leveraging both the traditions of the area and the innovative spirit of modern distillation, Pitwheel produces gin with a blend of time-honoured methods and contemporary techniques.

Named in homage to the county's coal mining history, Pitwheel carries the essence of Durham's past, connecting the legacy of the miners and the region's natural bounty. The distillery sources botanicals locally, tapping into the diverse flora of the area, ensuring a taste that is distinctly Durham.

The commitment to local sourcing is not just about flavour but also about supporting the community. Every bottle produced by Pitwheel not only stands as a premium spirit but also as a nod to local businesses and farmers, underlining the brand's dedication to its roots.

At its core, Pitwheel Gin Distillery is about celebrating Durham – its past, its people, and its natural wealth. Through meticulous distillation processes and a genuine love for the craft, Pitwheel offers a gin that captures the essence of the region in every sip.

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