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Pernod is a well-known brand in the spirits world, especially for anise-flavoured liqueurs. Its history goes back to early 19th-century France. It started with absinthe and was later adapted after absinthe was banned in the early 20th century.


Pernod's story began with absinthe, a famous 19th-century French drink. Originally a medicinal elixir, it became popular as a recreational drink. Henri-Louis Pernod started the first absinthe distillery in Switzerland in 1798. He then moved production to Pontarlier, France, in 1805, creating Pernod Fils.

Pernod's absinthe was popular among artists like Vincent van Gogh and Oscar Wilde. It had a high alcohol content and thujone from wormwood. Though believed to have hallucinogenic effects, modern research disproves this.

In 1915, amid controversies, absinthe was banned in the USA and many European countries, including France. Pernod then made Pernod Anise. This was an anise-flavoured spirit without wormwood.

Pernod Anise

After the absinthe ban, Pernod Anise became their main product. It's a pastis, popular in France as an absinthe substitute. It has anise and a similar taste to absinthe but less alcohol and no wormwood. Pernod turns cloudy with water, known as the "louche" effect.


The brand mixes tradition with modern methods. It's flavoured with star anise, herbs, and other flavourings. The star anise is distilled and mixed with neutral alcohol. Then, aromatic herbs and plants are added for flavour.

Tasting Notes

Pernod tastes strongly of anise with hints of herbs and spices. It's sweet with a rich, complex aroma. Pernod is often drunk with water, which makes a milky effect and releases its full aroma.

Cultural Significance

Pernod is a key part of French culture. It's a popular aperitif and linked to café terraces in France. It's enjoyed during "l'heure verte" (the green hour), the traditional time for absinthe.

Global Presence

Pernod is part of Pernod Ricard, a large wine and spirits company. It keeps its identity while being enjoyed worldwide. Pernod is a key ingredient in many classic and modern cocktails.

Pernod symbolises both the history of absinthe and how a brand can adapt to changes. Its lasting popularity shows the appeal of anise-flavoured spirits.

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