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Peat's Beast Whisky

Peat's Beast is a single malt Scotch whisky for peat lovers. Its name suggests a strong, wild spirit from Scotland. This whisky has a strong peat flavour, like the intense Islay malts.

This whisky is bold. It captures the essence of peat, which is organic matter that has turned into peat over thousands of years. This peat gives a smoky flavour to the barley. This process is traditional in Scotch whisky making, especially in Islay.

Richard Paterson, 'The Nose', helped create Peat's Beast. It has a very smoky flavour. The smell is like a bonfire with iodine, brine, and a bit of citrus zest. The taste has many layers. It includes peat smoke, vanilla, dried fruit, and spice. It also has an earthy, medicinal quality and a rich, oily feel.

The finish is long and smoky. It leaves a taste of wood smoke, a mineral edge, and spicy warmth. Some versions also have a bit of sweetness.

Peat's Beast is different from other peated whiskies. It doesn't come from one distillery. It celebrates the peat flavour, sourced from various distilleries.

This whisky is great for exploring peaty Scotch. It's bold and memorable. It's often recommended for after dinner. It goes well with dark chocolate or strong cheese.

The packaging of Peat's Beast is bold. It has images of creatures and landscapes. This reflects the wild spirit of the whisky. Each bottle tells a story of the whisky and the land and tradition it comes from.

For collectors, Peat's Beast sometimes has limited editions. These offer different takes on peat. They might have special cask finishes or age statements. These are unique expressions of peated whisky.

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