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Pallini Gin

Pallini Limoncello stands as a testament to Italian craftsmanship, heritage, and a deep-rooted passion for the finest ingredients. Born in the heart of Italy, this classic liqueur is made using the zest of Sfusato lemons, a prized variety that flourishes on the sun-kissed terraces of the Amalfi Coast.

Founded in 1875, the Pallini family has been dedicated to the spirits business for generations. However, it's their limoncello that has truly made waves on the international stage. Capturing the essence of the Mediterranean, Pallini Limoncello exudes freshness, zest, and a vibrant lemon aroma, resulting from a meticulous production process.

Handpicked Sfusato lemons are carefully peeled to ensure only the purest zest is used, free from the bitter pith. This zest is then infused in fine alcohol, drawing out the essential oils and flavours. After a period, the infusion is blended with a secret mix of sugar and water, giving Pallini Limoncello its smooth, sweet character.

Best served chilled, Pallini Limoncello is not just a drink, but an experience. A sip transports you to the balmy Italian coast, with its sea breezes, sunlit groves, and the timeless allure of La Dolce Vita. Whether enjoyed neat, on the rocks, or as the key ingredient in a cocktail, Pallini Limoncello remains a tribute to the rich citrus heritage of the Amalfi region and the Pallini family's dedication to excellence.

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