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Old Mother Hunt Rum

In the midst of the global pandemic, as the world seemingly came to a standstill, emerged a brand that combined passion, resilience, and a desire to craft something exceptional: Old Mother Hunt Rum. Founded by a husband and wife duo — an airline pilot grounded by the pandemic and a tireless mother managing the whirlwind demands of two children — the brand has become a testament to innovation born from adversity.

Based in Scotland, Old Mother Hunt isn't just another rum brand on the market. It stands out as a genuine distiller, taking pride in crafting rum from scratch rather than importing and rebranding. The meticulous process, from fermentation to distillation and ageing, all takes place under their watchful eyes, ensuring that the end product is as authentic as the story behind its inception.

The decision to step into the world of spirits, especially during such trying times, speaks volumes about the couple's determination. They transformed personal challenges into a passionate venture, turning a period of uncertainty into a tale of inspiration.

Their rums are a reflection of their commitment. Each bottle carries with it a narrative of its own — a narrative of love, perseverance, and a dream transformed into reality. Whether sipped neat, on the rocks, or as a part of a tantalising cocktail, Old Mother Hunt Rum offers more than just a delightful taste; it offers a story, a spirit, and a legacy in the making.

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