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Morin Calvados

Morin Calvados is a well-known apple brandy from Normandy, France. This region is famous for its apples and Calvados production. The Morin family, with roots going back to 1889, makes Calvados with skill passed down through generations. Their brand is a symbol of quality in apple brandies.

Morin Calvados is known for its ageing in oak barrels. This process adds depth and complex flavours. The ageing varies from two years for young varieties to over 20 years for the more sophisticated ones. This offers a range of tastes for both beginners and experts.

The range includes different types of Calvados:

- Calvados Morin Selection: Aged for about two to three years. It has a fruit-forward taste with fresh apple notes. It is good as an aperitif or in cocktails.

Calvados Morin VSOP

"Very Superior Old Pale," or VSOP, means the Calvados has aged for at least four years. This variety shows complexity with apple, vanilla, and caramel notes.

Calvados Morin Hors d'Age

"Hors d'Age" means "beyond age." This label is for Calvados aged for over 10 years. It blends apple with woody notes, dried fruit, and spices.

Calvados Morin X.O.

"Extra Old" indicates Calvados aged for 20 years or more. These have deep, mellow flavours from long ageing.

The Calvados is versatile. Purists enjoy it neat or chilled. Chefs and bartenders use it in sauces, desserts, and cocktails for its rich apple flavour.

Morin Calvados reflects Normandy's terroir. The quality of the apples and the local climate shine in each sip. The brand focuses on selecting the right apples, fermenting, and ageing.

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