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Monkey 47 Gin

Monkey 47 is a craft gin that has become popular with both experts and casual drinkers. It is distilled in Germany's Black Forest and contains 47 botanicals. This gives it a unique flavour and its name.

The gin's story starts with Montgomery "Monty" Collins, a British officer in Berlin after World War II. Inspired by German spirits and British gin-making, Collins aimed to make a special gin. He adopted a monkey named Max at the Berlin Zoo. This inspired the gin's name.

In 2008, Alexander Stein, from a family of distillers, found Collins' story. He teamed up with expert distiller Christoph Keller. Together, they created a gin to honour Collins' vision. They chose 47 botanicals for the recipe, creating Monkey 47.

Monkey 47 includes usual gin ingredients like juniper and coriander. It also has Black Forest flavours like lingonberries and spruce. Global spices add to its taste. The botanicals are soaked in a molasses spirit, then distilled in copper pots. The gin ages in earthenware before bottling.

The gin has a complex, balanced flavour. It starts with citrus and juniper, then reveals spicy and floral notes. It works well in a range of cocktails.

The gin's packaging is unique, with an apothecary-style bottle and a label showing Max the monkey. The label also hints at the gin's botanicals.

Monkey 47 is known worldwide and has won many awards. It has changed ideas of German gin. It leads in premium gins, showing skill and innovation. The gin has sparked interest in botanicals and regional flavours in distilling.

Monkey 47 is a strong gin that blends British heritage with the Black Forest's magic. Its botanical mix offers a taste that is diverse and mysterious. Enjoyed alone, with tonic, or in a cocktail, Monkey 47 offers a rich history and flavour.

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