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Andy Mallows and his son Rhys started Mallows Beverages in Wales. Their experience and passion for distillation led to a range of fine spirits.

Mallows Beverages offers several in-house brands. These include Charlie Parry’s aged bourbon and various Mallows Gin flavours. This family business keeps innovating and expanding.

The team at Mallows focuses on using the best Welsh botanicals, fruits, and ingredients. They ensure top quality in their award-winning products. Each batch is distilled with pride, showing their commitment to excellence.

Mallows Beverages also works with other businesses. They offer bottling services, including white-labelled products and wholesale orders. This shows their willingness to support different enterprises.

Charlie Parry’s Whiskey and Bourbon Co makes modern bourbon. It honours Charlie Parry, the family’s patriarch, and his values. The range has flavours like Summer Berry, Apple, Chocolate, Coffee, Honey, and Cinnamon Fire.

Charlie Parry’s bourbon ages in American oak barrels, charred for sweetness and colour. It is then blended with Welsh water in Wales and bottled at 40% ABV. This represents its Welsh-American heritage.

The Original Rummers is Mallows Beverages' first spirit, made with Dutch rum specialist Scheer. This premium rum has a strong Dutch heritage. It aims to capture the essence of Dutch rum for discerning drinkers.

Mallows Beverages’ gin range shows two generations of expertise. The Mallows Gins are artisanal and offer innovative flavours.

The Curiosity Collection under Mallows is for those wanting unique gin experiences. This collection reflects the team’s creativity and understanding of taste and distillation. It presents the Mallows Gin range, each variety aiming to impress gin enthusiasts.

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