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Magdalen College

Magdalen College Gin is a tribute to its rich history at Oxford University. Founded in the mid-15th century, Magdalen College is known for its beautiful landscapes. It has iconic architecture, tranquil meadows, and the serene River Cherwell. This picturesque setting is captured in their gin.

The gin has a complex taste, made with a mix of botanicals. These reflect the flora around the college. The makers aim to create more than a drink. They want to offer an experience, a journey through history with each sip. The ingredients are often local, honouring the area’s ecosystem.

Magdalen College Gin offers a range of flavours. It tells a story from the college's academic heritage to the vibrant meadows nearby. It’s more than gin. It’s the distilled essence of a place, time, and tradition. It offers a delightful taste and a journey through history and nature.

This gin is more than a spirit. It's a narrative of Magdalen College. It invites you on a timeless journey, beyond taste. It immerses you in a legacy that flows like the River Cherwell through time. Drinking this gin is an experience. It captures the spirit of the college's lush, historical setting.

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