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Madre Mezcal

Madre Mezcal is a tribute to the craftsmanship of Mezcal. It comes from Oaxaca, Mexico, known for its mezcal tradition. Madre Mezcal is made with passion, using age-old methods.

Madre Mezcal is unique because of its agave blend: Espadín and Cuishe. Espadín gives a smoky base, common in mezcal. Cuishe, from Oaxaca, adds a herbal taste. This mix creates a smooth and distinct drink.

Traditional methods are used in making the Mezcal. The agave hearts, or piñas, are roasted in pits. This gives the mezcal its smoky flavour. The piñas are then crushed, often by a tahona (a stone wheel). They ferment naturally in wooden vats. After fermentation, the liquid is distilled, usually in copper or clay pots.

Tasting the Mezcal starts with smoky notes. These lead to herbaceous and earthy tones from the Cuishe agave. There are also subtle pepper hints and sweetness from the Espadín agave. The mix of these flavours makes a balanced and complex drink.

The branding and bottle design reflect its artisanal roots. The simple label and earthy tones show the brand's focus on authenticity and tradition.

Madre Mezcal is more than a drink. It takes the drinker to Oaxaca's agave fields. Agave has been turned into mezcal there for centuries. For those exploring mezcal, Madre shows the traditions and artistry in each bottle.

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