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Lucky Barrel Wine

Wine has been a staple drink across civilisations, often regarded as the embodiment of the region's essence, capturing its climate, soil, and tradition. Each wine tells a story, but when you encounter a wine that's aged in whisky casks, it promises to unfold a narrative that straddles regions and cultures. Enter Lucky Barrel Wines, where the romance of French winemaking meets the rugged allure of Scottish whisky barrels.

Origins and Founders

Lucky Barrel Wine Co. (LBWC) is a collaboration of distinguished names from the spirits industry. Michael Ballantyne from Storywood Tequila, Gregor Maclean and Ramone Robertson from Huffman's and Crag & Tail Gin, and the creative talents of designer Craig Black, have come together to curate an experience that bridges the gap between traditional wine drinkers and whisky aficionados.

The Unique Collection

Red Blend: A harmonious blend of French Cabernet and Merlot, this wine already carries the legacy of the renowned French wine-making tradition. But LBWC goes a step further by ageing this blend in Speyside whisky casks. The result? A wine that mirrors the depth and richness of red fruit flavours, subtly enhanced by the distinct notes of whisky. The Speyside cask imparts a character to the wine, introducing hints of caramel, vanilla, and a whisper of smoke, elevating the wine's complexity.

Sauvignon Blanc: Traditionally, Sauvignon Blanc is celebrated for its zesty and vibrant profile. LBWC’s version, however, comes with a twist. Aged in oak casks that once cradled Scotch whisky, this Sauvignon Blanc dances between two worlds. The intrinsic zestiness of the grapes mingles with the toasty undertones from the cask, resulting in a refreshingly different wine. As expected, it pairs beautifully with fish, enhancing the delicate flavours of the seafood.

Rosé: Rosé wines are celebrated for their delicate flavours and beautiful blush hues. LBWC’s rosé offers the delicate balance of ripe fruits, reminiscent of summer afternoons, and when aged in Scotch malt whisky casks, these flavours are enriched with a hint of sweet oak. It's a delightful sip, especially for those seeking something out-of-the-ordinary in their glass.

Bridging Two Worlds

The concept of whisky aged in wine barrels has been around for a while, but reversing the roles offers an intriguing proposition. Wines aged in whisky casks are rarities, but they represent a beautiful synergy between two age-old traditions. By introducing the warmth and depth of whisky notes to classic wine profiles, LBWC ensures that each sip is a journey – one that starts in the vineyards of France and culminates in the distilleries of Scotland.

Lucky Barrel Wines is not just about producing wine; it's about creating a unique experience, a symphony of flavours that transcends boundaries. For those who have always enjoyed the depth of whisky and the elegance of wines, LBWC offers the best of both worlds, bottled with perfection.

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