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Lucky Barrel Wine

Lucky Barrel Wines is where French winemaking meets Scottish whisky barrels.

Origins and Founders

Lucky Barrel Wine Co. (LBWC) is a partnership of experts from the spirits industry. The partnership includes Michael Ballantyne from Storywood Tequila. It also includes Gregor Maclean and Ramone Robertson from Huffman's and Crag & Tail Gin. Finally, there is the designer Craig Black. They aim to connect traditional wine drinkers with whisky fans.

The Unique Collection

Red Blend: This blend of French Cabernet and Merlot has a classic French winemaking heritage. LBWC ages it in Speyside whisky casks. This adds depth and red fruit richness, with caramel, vanilla, and a hint of smoke. It makes the wine more complex.

Sauvignon Blanc: LBWC’s Sauvignon Blanc is aged in oak casks used for Scotch whisky. This gives a unique twist to its zesty profile. The grape's zestiness and the cask's toasty notes create a refreshing wine. It pairs well with fish.

Rosé: The rosé is known for its delicate flavours and blush colour. Aged in Scotch malt whisky casks, it gains sweet oak hints. This makes it a great choice for those looking for something different.

Bridging Two Worlds

Whisky aged in wine barrels is common, but wine in whisky casks is rare. It's a blend of two traditions. LBWC combines the warmth of whisky with classic wine tastes. Each sip starts in French vineyards and ends in Scottish distilleries.

Lucky Barrel Wines is about creating a unique experience. It's a mix of whisky's depth and wine's elegance. LBWC is perfect for those who love both whisky and wine. It's a well-made blend of flavours.

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