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Looe Gin

Looe Gin, a captivating spirit that embodies the essence of Cornwall, is lovingly crafted at the Copperfish Distillery. Located in the scenic coastal region of Cornwall, this distillery stands out, not just for its picturesque surroundings but also for its dedication to the art of distillation.

The star of the distillery is undoubtedly its 500-litre copper pot still. This traditional piece of equipment, which gleams with promise, is crucial in imparting Looe Gin with its distinct characteristics.

Looe Gin itself is a reflection of its Cornish roots. Made with a blend of juniper, coriander seed, orange peel, cinnamon bark, lemon peel, Angelica root and orris bark., one can expect a taste that's as wild, refreshing, and invigorating as the Cornish coastlines. The gin, with every sip, tells a story of the land, the sea breezes, the undulating landscapes, and the rich history of Cornwall.

At the heart of Looe Gin's success is the Copperfish Distillery's unwavering commitment to quality. By choosing to distil in smaller batches using their copper pot still, they ensure that each bottle that leaves their premises is of the highest standard, offering a taste that's both consistent and exceptional.

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