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Lokita Tequila

Lokita Tequila blends tradition with modernity in the heart of Mexico. This brand is more than a tequila producer. It offers an adventure in taste and culture, reflecting the passion of its creators. Lokita respects traditional tequila-making while appealing to a global audience.


Lokita Tequila comes from Jalisco's fertile land. The unique climate and geology of Jalisco shape the tequila's character. The agave plants flourish here, infusing each bottle with the region's essence.

Making the Tequila

The production process is meticulous. They are committed to traditional methods. These include selecting blue agave plants, slow cooking the piñas, and strict fermentation and distillation. However, Lokita also embraces innovation. Their tequila range suits a variety of tastes. It includes the Blanco which is crisp and unaged. It also includes a Reposado, with wood and agave notes. Finally, the Añejo offers a rich, sophisticated flavour.

Branding and Packaging

Lokita's branding targets today's adventurous consumers. The bottles are sleek with contemporary designs. This focus on aesthetics matches a lifestyle of boldness and exploration.

The distillery prioritises sustainability. They work to conserve the environment that provides their agave. This includes sustainable agave farming and eco-friendly production methods. Lokita's commitment extends to future generations and preserving cultural heritage.

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