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Lillet Vermouth

Lillet, known as the "Aperitif of Bordeaux", is a renowned and elegant vermouth. Its origins trace back to 1872 when it was first created by the Lillet brothers in the village of Podensac, Bordeaux, France.

Paul and Raymond Lillet had the vision to create a vermouth that showcased Bordeaux wines' rich flavours. Over time, it transitioned from a local favourite to a globally recognised brand. It gained fame after featuring in the James Bond novel and film "Casino Royale", as part of the "Vesper" cocktail.

This vermouth is a blend of Bordeaux wines and macerated fruits. These include sweet oranges from Turkey, Spain, or Morocco, and bitter oranges from Haiti. It also contains a mix of local and exotic botanicals. The fortified wine matures in oak casks, allowing the flavours to harmonise.

The Range

Blanc: Known for its golden hue, it has a fruity and floral aroma. The palate enjoys honey, candied oranges, pine resin, and exotic fruits. Best enjoyed chilled or with ice and a slice of orange or lime.

Rosé: A modern addition from 2011, this variant offers a sweet, fruity, and zesty balance. It's ideal for spring and summer drinks.

Rouge: Unlike the other variants, it's based on red wines. This gives it a ruby colour and a rich berry profile, with hints of vanilla and spices.

Lillet's appeal goes beyond sipping it solo. Mixologists worldwide use it in various cocktails. From the Vesper to the Lillet Vive with tonic water, or a classic Lillet Martini, its versatility shines.

Lillet celebrates French winemaking and spirit creation. Its sophistication, versatility, and heritage make it stand out. As aperitifs gain popularity, Lillet remains an icon, symbolising the elegance and finesse of a well-crafted drink.

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